Ethical Hacking Training Bootcamp

Certified Information Security Expert Version 3 - Mangalore, India

CISE: CISE (Certified Information Security Expert) certification is one of the most recognized certification in Information Security and Ethical Hacking Domain. The Program covers all aspects of Information Security and Ethical Hacking, enabling one to become an Information Security Expert. In this program we also cover about web application security, network security, basic of exploit development, basics of reverse engineering among other high knowledge domains of information security. Ethical Hacking & Information security has a very bright future in Mangalore, India due to the National and Local IT Support Infrastructure. India as a country has developed a strong hold over the global Information Technology Market and which is why its dependence on information security will gradually increase over time as more and more of security threats are uncovered. Hence, Information security and ethical hacking training by Innobuzz is surely a great program to develop a career in a new developing IT Security landscape!

Training Module

CISE Training Module
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Networking
Chapter 3 - Footprinting/Reconnaissance
Chapter 4 - Google Hacking
Chapter 5 - Scanning
Chapter 6 - System Hacking: Win7 and Linux
Chapter 7 - Android & iPhone Hacking
Chapter 8 - Malwares
Chapter 9 - SQL Injection
Chapter 10 - Cross Site Scripting
Chapter 11 - Sniffing
Chapter 12 - Social Engineering
Chapter 13 - Identity Theft Fraud
Chapter 14 - Denial of Service
Chapter 15 - Session Hijacking
Chapter 16 - Penetration Testing
Chapter 17 - Exploit Writing & Buffer Overflow
Chapter 18 - Cryptography & Steganography
Chapter 19 - Firewalls & Honeypots
Chapter 20 - IDS & IPS
Chapter 21 - Hacking Web Server
Chapter 22 - Wireless Hacking
Chapter 23 - Physical Security
Chapter 24 - Reverse Engineering
Chapter 25 - Email Hacking
Chapter 26 - Security Compliance & Auditing
Chapter 27 - Incident Handling & Computer forensics

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