Technical Analysis Distance Learning Program

Learning Opportunity for Traders in Hubli!

Background: In this Training Program, details regarding the basic and advanced levels of Technical Analysis, Training Psychology & Derivative Market will be explained along with details for intraday and positional trading. As a whole, this is the Training Program that you are looking for to learn Technical analysis from scratch and become an expert stock market trader.

Statistically speaking, stock exchanges support a turnover of more then 100 crores everyday. Even with such a big figure at hand, individuals are still not able to make career in trading, successfully. Inexperienced people who trade mainly on their gut feeling always end up loosing money in the long run. We always have to remember that the market leaves no doors open for greed and fear. This program guides you on how you can develop a real traders psychology, use the practical knowledge of technical analysis at hand and develop a trading system which help you become a successful trader and yes, successful even in the long term! At the end of the program, you can view and analyze technical charts to understand the current options available with best risk reward ratio. Remember, no system has 100% Accuracy and we don't want it. Even a system with 40% Accuracy & 1:4 Risk-Reward ratio, can make you successful. Dont aim to become a millionaire overnight, patience is the key.

Training Package Includes:
a) Training Manual.
b) DVD Kit.
c) Online Lab Examination Voucher.
d) Training CBT.

Rs. 7,000 (Distance Learning) | Rs. 14,500 (Classroom Training)

Technical Analysis Training - Innobuzz, Hubli, India

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